Due to COVID-19, all five residencies awarded in 2020 had to be cancelled and postponed because traveling to and from the United States was not possible, and the State of Pennsylvania imposed additional restrictions on movement and activity. However, SFAI is still committed to honoring these awards, and the recipients of the Schweizer Residency Grants for 2020 are first in line to take up their residency in the future, in conformity with travel and health advisories, and as the schedules of the residency program allow.


SFAI is still accepting new applications at this point, but the delayed 2020 residency recipients will receive priority in scheduling their stays at the Schweizer Lake House in Pennsylvania.


The Schweizer Foundation for Art and Innovation (SFAI) is a private nonprofit organization aimed at supporting artists and thinkers without limitation regarding origin, ethnicity, gender, race, etc. by providing residencies and grants, and by facilitating outreach through networking, publications, exhibitions, colloquia, and more.



Recipients of the SFAI Residencies will stay at the Schweizer lake house in Gouldsboro, PA