The Schweizer Foundation for Art and Innovation (SFAI) is a private nonprofit organization aimed at supporting artists and thinkers (without limitation regarding origin, ethnicity, gender, race, etc.) through residencies and grants. SFAI further seeks to promote the work of artists and thinkers through colloquia, exhibitions, performances, and publications.


SFAI identifies artists, innovators, and intellectuals worldwide as recipients of sponsored residencies at the Schweizer Lake House in Pennsylvania. Recipients of the SFAI residency will be provided with the cost of transportation (internationally and locally), accommodation, food and utilities for the duration of 2-4 weeks during the month of September (other months/times can be considered on a case-by-case basis). Up to three residents can stay at the residency at the same time. All recipients agree to have samples of their work displayed on the foundation’s website (under the Terms and Conditions specified in the footer of this website).

SFAI also provides networking, outreach, publication, and exhibition opportunities for artists and thinkers. Specifically, SFAI can represent artists to galleries, exhibition spaces, and other forums to promote their work.

Legal Status

SFAI is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization defined as a Private Operating Foundation. Donations to SFAI are tax deductible.

Officers & Duties

Liang and Bernard Schweizer are the two directors of SFAI, with Bernard serving as Executive Director. The Executive Director shall carry out the mission of SFAI, publicize its programs worldwide, act as artist representative, organize events and exhibitions, edit publications related to the mission of SFAI, and perform all other tasks associated with the practical running of the organization. The directors shall select the recipients of SFAI residencies/grants, either from a pool of applicants or by appointment.

At their discretion, the two directors can appoint other directors who would provide input and advice as well as financial support for SFAI.